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The world - the digital, the real, the job market, the visas, the interactions - is changing. In some ways, it is becoming more specialized, for those who seek skilled training in specific and applied areas in order to fulfill particular roles. But in other ways, it is becoming more ambiguous. Traditional roles are changing, traditional jobs are changing, and finding one's place and purpose has never included quite so many options or limitations. Why separate academic or traditional research from other equally valid forms of expression and information?

Join me here - in not settling into false comfort, in not becoming stagnant and passive, in pushing forward for better rights, better pay, better access. Join me in creating, within and amongst ourselves, and thereby fighting injustice. Critical thought has never been more important, and any inspiration that fuels it may be used to gain momentum. Whatever your medium is, use it; let's not be afraid to find new alternatives to the traditional. 

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